Dr. Cary S. Idler
Orthopaedic Spine Surgery

A native of the garden state, Dr. Idler graduated from Seton Hall University and attended New Jersey Medical School. There he met his wife Suji with whom he has two children, a son, Max (5) and daughter, Emma (2).

Following medical school Dr. Idler traded the east coast for the west to complete his residency training at the world renowned San Francisco Orthopaedic Residency Program. He was subsequently accepted to a prestigious fellowship for Spinal Surgery in Oakland, CA where he was presented the invaluable opportunity to train under some of the finest surgeons in the world.

Dr. Idler is a Board Eligible, orthopaedic spine surgeon with training in a variety of surgical procedures including minimally invasive and structure sparing techniques, cervical and lumbar disc replacements, lateral approaches and percutaneous techniques that significantly reduce tissue damage during surgery.  His approach to treating patients with spinal dysfunction includes a comprehensive evaluation of their problem and clear explanation of their diagnosis with the goal of educating the patient on all aspects of their condition as well as expected outcomes of their various treatment options.

Of his practice philosophy, Dr. Idler writes:

"I strive to empower patients. To do this, I carefully evaluate their problem, clearly explain it to them, and discuss their alternatives to surgery. I view healthcare as a close, working partnership between the patient and the physician. My job is to educate, inform, and encourage the patient that s/he may make the best decision for her/himself. My goal is to maximize and improve the quality of life for my patients while minimizing the risks that are inherent in the treatment. The "correct" decision will be deeply personal; it will be a reflection of the patient's disability, disease process, overall health, and tolerance for risk. My goal is to provide each patient with superior personal care, where the patient is actively involved in the decision process about their spinal pathology."

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